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Important Tips for Making Your Search Successful:

• The Neighborhood Resource Center should be used for informational purposes only. Your association is still the best source of information regarding covenants, restrictions and other rules that may apply to you.

• At this time, covenants and restrictions can only be searched by name. You must know at least a portion of the name of your development in order to search for its covenants and restrictions.

• The Neighborhood Resource Center only provides access to documents that traditionally contain covenants and restrictions. In some cases covenants may be contained in other documents. Your neighborhood or development also MAY NOT have covenants and restrictions in place.

• Your neighborhood association name and subdivision name MAY NOT be the same. You must search by subdivision name in order to find your covenants.

• This is the only online venue which provides access to covenants and restrictions free-of-charge. If you view this information through any other service, the appropriate fees will apply.

• If the covenants and restrictions you need DO NOT appear in your search, please contact us by e-mail at You should also contact your association